Types of Additions for your Home

Performing a home addition in Manchester Is a great idea when you are just looking for some extra space in your home.

Types of Additions for your Home

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Conventional Additions

A conventional home addition is exactly what it sounds like, an add-on to the home. This is a structure built onto the home while maintaining the original aesthetics of the home. It is actually made to be an integral part of the home.

Self- Standing

This type of unit is not physically connected to the main house. This can be used for extra storage or even living quarters for visitors or extra income. Depending on its purpose will depend on the cost. This is if plumbing and electricity will need to be piped in.

Bump Outs

Bump outs are generally just an expansion of a room to make it larger. This includes dens, kitchens and patios are the most common. Sometimes they are just for having extra storage.

Garage Conversions

Garages were intended for one purpose, but that has changed for the most part. They are used by most for storage and even workshops. Converting a garage into an extra living space or a home office is not uncommon and usually more cost effective than a whole new construction altogether.

If you are thinking about getting an addition added to your home, talk to a certified contractor. Forand Remodeling LLC can assist you with any recommendations you are looking for when needing an addition added to your home. We have been serving Manchester and surrounding areas for over 40 years with expert craftsmanship.

We guarantee all of our work and are licensed and insured. Our expert craftsmen are well versed in everything that we do. Call or contact us for any questions you may have about having an addition put on your home. We will work with you from beginning to end to ensure your project is completed on time and to your expectations.

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