Vinyl Siding Repairs and Installations Manchester, CT

Vinyl siding is very durable and long lasting option for giving your home a new look.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers a relatively inexpensive for protecting the structure of the home while giving the home a whole new look with the many styles available to choose from.

Wide Selection of Styles

When vinyl siding came out, there was basically only one style. The basic cedar board. Then as people wanted more and more, different styles were introduced into the market. Now it is almost unlimited variety. This is everything from something traditional to something more modern and even a faux stone style.




Most of these styles come in a variety of colors to choose from. These colors are long lasting and require little maintenance to keep your house looking good and clean. Sometimes just a simple hosing off once in a while is good enough. Vinyl siding means that painting the house every couple of years is unnecessary.

Structural Protection

Because it is made of vinyl it is extremely durable. It helps to keep out rodents and insects that can damage a home.

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Forand Remodeling LLC has been installing vinyl siding in Manchester and surround areas for over 40 years. Our experienced tradesmen have the equipment and knowhow to give you a long lasting, beautiful look for your home. We only use the highest grade materials on all of our projects.

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    Our foreman and his crew work with you from beginning to end. This starts with style and color selection, during the project and upon completion to your satisfaction. This what sets us apart from the rest as we listen to your needs and deliver what most companies cannot.

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