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Fine carpentry finishes off all of the small things that are often not thought about. It is one if the ways to create a new impression.

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Most people don’t think about how fine carpentry can improve their home. Some don’t even know what that is. It is all of the special trim work that is not noticed if it is not there. Most of it deals with the moldings. There are a few types.

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Crown Moldings

These are the moldings that run along the walls in between the ceiling. Crown moldings add a unique touch to any room and do not have to remain the same throughout the house. This touch can be limited to certain rooms or all throughout the house.

Chair Rails

These are kind of only limited to a few rooms of a home. Mostly the dining room. They help protect the walls from getting damaged by the chairs. It might seem antiquated, but they do add elegance.


Casings are what fill in the gaps in between the doors and window to which they are mounted. For example, changing out the casings on your front door could make your house look more majestic or just more subtle with style.


Sometimes called floor moldings, run along the floor. Most homes only have the basic style. They can always be switched up to a more custom cut and style. These can also help you to create different styles for each individual room.


Not everyone is perfect and sometimes is might not seem that a door is plumb. There might be small overlooked gaps or something just due to time wear. Finish carpentry can fix these minor issues.

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