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Cleaning out the gutters yourself is not a hard job in most homes. What you have to keep in mind is the safety factor. If you are not ladder friendly, it should be left to the professionals. Safety is of the utmost importance especially on multiple story homes.

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How to keep your gutters clean? Ask Forand Remodeling, your local professional Hartford gutter cleaning contractor. Gutters provide a crucial role in protecting a home. brackets and gutters will damage the gutter system, particularly the brackets that secure them in place.

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    The Role Gutters Play in Protecting a Home

    Gutters do more than just keep the rainwater from dripping in you when you are entering or leaving your house. They help to drain water off of the roof and away from the house. Keeping the water away is crucial to protecting the foundation.

    The Foundation

    The Foundation
    The foundation is what helps to keep the structure intact. When water pools around the foundation, it can cause erosion and weakening the foundation. Redirecting the water is key to avoiding this problem.

    The Landscaping

    Keeping the water just from running off of the roof will protect the landscaping of the home. A constant drip of water can erode anything including plants and even concrete, block hardscapes. Preventing erosion is the major reason to have professional gutter cleaning in Hartford.

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    When fall season rolls around there is a lot of raking of the yard as the trees start to shed leaves. Falling leaves can get into the gutter system and have the probability to clog the gutter system. Regular gutter cleaning will keep all of this debris from getting into the downspouts causing even greater problems.

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    Winter Months

    We might not think how gutters are functional in winter months. Even when it snows, there will be days when the temperature rises and the snow starts to melt. If this water is not redirected away from the roof, it will turn into ice when the temperature starts to fall again. This can cause “ice dams” which can actually rip the roof apart causing damage that can be very costly to repair.

    Our staff has been professionally trained not just in safety and good practices, but also in recognizing future problems that may occur. The gutters may look fine from the outside, but upon further inspection there might be other problems that are invisible to the untrained eye.

    When we clean gutters we are also conducting inspections along the way. If there are small repairs to be made, we just fix them with no discussion or extra cost to you. If the problem is larger than expected we will go over it with you before any more work is done. Call or contact us and let help help you keep your gutters clean no matter the season.

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