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With over 40 years serving the Manchester, Hartford areas, we have the expertise in being able to custom fabricate all of your needs.
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Custom Deck Construction

Constructing a new deck for your home can give you many advantages. This extra space added on to your home might seem like a big project, but not with the right decking contractor.

Custom decks are more affordable than you think. They are also fully customizable to your needs.
custom deck construction
new deck construction

Added Space

The added space essentially gives you more square footage to your home. Technically it gives you more area to enjoy. Whether for relaxing, sharing time with friends or just enjoying the outdoors, it is the perfect place for extra space.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Now you can have the chance to connect yourself with the outdoors. BBQing outdoors is one of the best ways to reconnect. Getting outside and taking in all of the beauty can give you peace of mind.

Quick Construction

Most decks can be constructed in a fairly quick time frame. In most cases they can be finished in between seven to ten days. This can take away the thought of an ongoing construction project.

Added Home Value

Adding a deck to your home will add to your home value. Just like having a front porch, the deck allows for privacy from the street and your neighbors. A deck can set you apart from your neighbors and allow you to accentuate not only your home, but your own personal style.


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Forand Remodeling can enhance your quality of life by giving you the ability to enjoy the outdoors. Having a weekend BBQ, party or any other type of get together.

Forand Remodeling’s contractors are highly skilled in their fields. We take every job one on one while still maintaining a family approach to everything we do. Call or contact us and ask us questions about our custom deck construction and how we can make your living spaces better.

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Let us build the deck of your dreams.

With over 40 years serving the Manchester, Hartford areas, we have the expertise in being able to custom fabricate all of your needs. Fully bonded and insured, you can be assured that everything that you are desiring will be accomplished. All of our work comes with a complete guarantee and your 100% satisfaction.

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Jason Lambert
Jason Lambert
I’m giving a 5 star review not for the work they did, rather for the work they didn’t do! Let me explain, I called looking for a contractor to perform work on a foyer window that I thought was leaking water. Over the phone, the gentleman took the time to ask very specific questions regarding the symptoms that I was seeing, window specifics, etc. He was extremely knowledgeable, invested and patient. Ultimately, he offered very practical advice and I left the discussion confident and informed on what to look for to determine a genuine concern vs. an unavoidable incident resulting from a recent freak storm. In the event we need to pursue this further, I will definitely seek out this company simply because he took the time to talk me through the issue and discuss other customers that have experienced the same thing. Great guy!
Ronnie Gianna
Ronnie Gianna
I LOVE my new kitchen! Steve is just wonderful to work with. He guided me through the entire process, gave me ideas and always asked for feedback. I gave a lot of input as to how I wanted my dream kitchen to turn out and Steve involved every step of the way. Their craftsmanship is amazing and they know where to get everything you'll need for your new kitchen. Highly recommended. Thank you Steve!
Barbara Kolom
Barbara Kolom
Steve is a pleasure to work with. You get to work directly with him on your project. He guarantees all of his work and he really focuses on doing a quality job. His kitchen and bathroom rates are competitive and he won't spring any hidden costs on you later in the project. He's very straightforward and honest when it comes to quoting you remodeling costs. If you have the opportunity to work with him I would highly recommend calling him.
John May
John May
Great interior remodeling company in the Manchester and West Hartford Area.
Andrew Morrison
Andrew Morrison
This company did a couple odd and end jobs, Steve the owner asked if they job was up to satisfaction and more, and to write a review if it was. It was, happy to work with them again! - Andy
Alex D
Alex D
Steve Forand has done a number of projects for me, always does great work and a pleasure to deal with! thanks
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