Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen
Remodeling Project

Planning your modern kitchen remodeling project requires some thought
and maybe a little help from your local contractor.

Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen
Remodeling Project

Often most people are confused about what is a modern kitchen. It is not necessarily just having all of the latest, state of the art appliances and technology. It is mostly based on a philosophy centered on function. Kitchen tend to be the center of a home and having a natural flow is essential.

Keep it simple

A modern kitchen will have everything lined up all with that other. Less is more. Stay away from all of the over ornate objects such as fancy hardware and ornate cabinet doors. You almost want to give it that minimalist look with straight edges on everything. Flush doors compared to something that is beveled is more of the style.


There are a lot of modern appliances out there. A lot of appliances now a days have WIFI technology. This can send you alerts if the refrigerator door is left open, a meal is done in the oven and even if a filter needs changing. Microwave drawers are part of the rage also because it takes the clutter off of the countertops.


Choosing the right lighting to match the decor is the finishing touch. With LED lighting, you are able to maintain the modern look. If you do decide to opt for some type of chandelier, go for something with smooth, clean lines. Sconces and fixtures with geometric shapes are the look of a modern kitchen.

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