Preparing for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Before you start remodeling your kitchen there is much planning to be done.

Preparing for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

A kitchen remodeling project is an exciting event. The only downside is having no kitchen while everything is going on. This is why you need to prepare beforehand and we will give you some tips.
How to Start Remodeling a Kitchen

Pick a New location for Your Kitchen

Now that you will not have a kitchen during the project, you need to set up a temporary space for preparing your meals. If you can find some space near a sink, like a laundry room, it will make everything easier.

Choose What You Need

What we mean here are just the basics. Microwave, toaster oven and maybe even the coffee maker. Something to consider is purchasing paper plates, plastic cups and disposable silverware to avoid having to do dishes.


Choosing the right lighting to match the decor is the finishing touch. With LED lighting, you are able to maintain the modern look. If you do decide to opt for some type of chandelier, go for something with smooth, clean lines. Sconces and fixtures with geometric shapes are the look of a modern kitchen.


Precook as much as you can and freeze it. Of course, you can always order out, but it can get old (this even includes pizza). You can always think about frozen dinners to prepare in the microwave. This might actually give everyone to have exactly what they want for dinner, for once.

Storing Everything Else

Pack up all of your plates and glassware like you were moving. These things might be shifted from one place to another. As for the non-perishables, keep some out that you might use and some others outside because they can be easily prepped.

Pack Everything Else

Decorations, furniture, knick-knacks and everything else not necessarily needs to be removed. This is even like the mixer on the counter that you hardly use has to be removed from the kitchen. Think like the first time you saw your kitchen; it was completely empty.


This one might be a little difficult if you have pets. Most pets are fed in the kitchen and they are used to that. Relocating their food bowls and having them get used to it might be tricky.

Start Your Project Now!!

Forand Remodeling is here for all your kitchen remodeling projects just as you imagine.

Forand Remodeling can help you in making these decisions before your kitchen remodeling project. We can even give you other suggestions on what you can do to make everything go smoothly. Forand Remodeling LLC has been providing kitchen remodeling in Manchester and surrounding areas for over 40 years. Being a family-owned company, you can trust our experienced contractors to give you the modern kitchen you have always dreamed of, suitable and beyond your needs. We work personally to make sure you are completely satisfied with our quality workmanship. Call or contact us for any questions and options you may have about kitchen remodeling. Our work is always guaranteed and will supersede your expectations.
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