Getting Your Gutters Ready for Winter

We are coming into Fall now and it is time to think about keeping your gutters clean. Preparing for Winter is important to keeping your house safe.

Winter can get rough here in Manchester and keeping your gutters clean can help keep you from having costly maintenance repairs. There are a lot of reasons to make sure your gutters are clean before and during winter.

Gutter cleaning services


When your gutters clog and do not properly drain water away from the home this can damage more than just the roof itself. The foundation of the home can become damaged also. This becomes even truer when the temperatures start to drop causing the dampness to freeze.

Ice Dams

Clogged and frozen over gutters can cause ice dams to develop. When ice dams form they can actually start to separate the different part of a roof by expansion. This can cause heat loss along with expensive repairs that cannot be completed until after the temperatures allow for repairs to be made.

Structural Damage

Not only does the expanding of the water when it freezes cause damage, with all of the extra weight of the ice it can cause the gutters to pull away from the house and damage the fascia.


Our staff has been professionally trained not just in safety and good practices, but also in recognizing future problems that may occur. The gutters may look fine from the outside, but upon further inspection there might be other problems that are invisible to the untrained eye.

When we clean gutters we are also conducting inspection along the way. If there are small repairs to be made, we just fix them with no discussion or extra cost to you. If the problem is larger than expected we will go over it with you before any more work is done.

Forand Remodeling has over 40 years serving Manchester and surrounding areas. Our professional contractors always arrive on time and get the job done in a timely manner. Call or contact us for a free quote and we can go over everything with you that is involved in gutter cleaning in preparation for Winter.

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