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Bathroom remodeling might be only second to Manchester CT kitchen remodeling. It is also completely customizable to your needs and tastes.

One of the best things about bathroom remodeling is it has one of the greatest returns on the investment and is scalable to the budget that you are looking to invest in it.

The Overall Appearance

We all know that the floors are the first thing that you see when you walk into any room, but the walls can really accentuate how a room appears. A simple repainting can bring a fresh touch to any room, but in bathrooms, tile can add something magical. Like new flooring, tiles on the walls allows you to create your own particular patterns and color choices.


Perhaps you have an older bathroom with colors and or patterns that are a little bit outdated. This is an easy way to be able to update to a more modern look to one of the other most used rooms in your house. Because of the small amount of square footage, it is usually not that expensive to replace the flooring.

The Vanity

The vanity is one of the most inexpensive fixtures to replace in a bathroom and can make a big impression on the overall appearance of it. You can always go with a traditional cabinet style or a pedestal for a much more elegant type. The cabinet style can always reflect the type you are going for.

The Throne

This is a little bit of a larger expense, but is worth it. Changing it out can make a whole difference in the appeal of the room.


Refitting a new tub in a bathroom is not impossible but a little more entailing. Many time you can go for a simpler option and installing sliding doors or even hinged glass for a more refined look.

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Changing out the fixtures makes a great appearance and can also be something that can be adjusted to your budget. Extravagant fixtures can make even the simplest looking basins and tubs look like a million dollars

Forand Remodeling LLC can remodel your Manchester CT bathroom look like it never did before. With over 40 years serving the community, we have the highest quality workmanship around. Call or contact us and one of our skilled contractors are able to work with you from beginning to end to complete the bathroom remodeling of your dreams. Probably beyond what you would have expected. We pride ourselves of the skills and abilities that we can introduce into your home. By being family owned, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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